Business strategy success target goals.

CAP Your Performance

We’ve just bade goodbye to an eventful year 2020 and ushered in a brand-new year 2021. The pandemic has thrown up many a gauntlet to all of us in...

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Diversity People Seminar Learning Cityscape Concept

Leadership Paradigms: Leadership Strategy vs Strategic Leadership

Leadership is the current day buzzword in today’s complex world. Right from family to corporate to sports and even to diplomacy, war and politics...

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Ambitious business man climbing stairs to success.

Performance & Execution: Key to Successful, Individual / Business Leadership

Today’s reality is that we are living in an era marked by resource crunch, scarcity of time, multitasking, intense competition, eternal stress,...

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Businessman holding a Supply Chain title with a warehouse on bac

Supply Chain Logistics – Are we taking the right STEP (Strategy, Talent, Execution & Performance) to deliver and remain relevant in crisis?

The pandemic is on. Ever since it has set in, the world of logistics and supply chain got disrupted. And it is true for most of the businesses,...

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Water crisis concept, Hopeless and lonely farmer sit on cracked

Cement: An Industry Perspective of Economic Development vis-à-vis Mitigating the Climate Change

A decade has just now ended and we’ve got in to a brand new year 2020. One of the biggest challenge our mother earth facing today is climate...

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Abstract Double exposure of Business man touching an imaginary s

Leveraging the Technology & Digitization to Disrupt and Stay Relevant, Innovative and Creative

The Corporate World is replete with examples of many a large that have gone into oblivion like Xerox, Nokia, Kodak, Motorola, Blockbuster,...

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Closeup hand professional construction worker laying bricks in n

Case Study: New Cement Ltd

New Cement is one of the Pioneering cement manufacturer in India having its strong presence in Eastern India. But recently New Cement is  facing a...

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Case Study II: Victory Cement

It was a hot and sultry afternoon in Kolkata. The Logistics Head East of Victory Cement Mr. Arun Shanker is in a pensive mood seating at his...

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