About AmVision

The Practitioners’ Perspective

Amvision Consulting is new and emerging Consulting & Advisory enterprise in the Management Consulting landscape. Our objective of doing business is to have unrelenting focus on customer centricity & customer value creation proactively engaging with our esteemed clients and co creating pragmatic, ingenuine, innovative solutions to various organizational challenges thus leading to growth, sustenance and excellence.

We help build sustainable businesses.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Amvision is to leverage our practical on ground experience and expertise to enable organizations transform, be agile and innovative in their efforts, actions to create superior stakeholder value.

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the best advisory & consulting firm committed to help organizations, leaders in their efforts to become increasing successful and attain an inclusive growth leading to excellence.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make Consulting accessible to all and thereby strive to deliver superlative performance to create long term sustainable competitive advantage with our steadfast commitment to uphold the social and environmental causes.

Our Values

W (Wisdom): Disseminate our Wisdom to create long term client, customer value.

I (Intellect): Use our intellect to provide unique customized solutions to overcome critical challenges.

E (Experience): Leverage our experience to deliver significantly improved performance to our clients’.

What do we do?

We help and facilitate business organizations, individuals, entrepreneurs and other govt., social and non-profit organizations to become successful in their endeavors to manage their triple bottom line.

what we stand for

Our Belief

We believe that organizational and / or individual leadership is all about integrity, originality and authenticity. And embracing an empathetic approach can steer us to collectively enable, empower and engage to make the desired breakthrough always. It is also our conviction that change and transformation is the key to all success and that every problem has got a solution however it is the willingness to solve it and the right attitude can make that happen.

Social Responsibility & Commitment

Our endeavour will always be to respect and care for the environmental and social causes, concerns and to exhibit rich social values, ethics and integrity in our dealings to make a real difference in driving green initiatives, resource conservation, environmental sustenance to augment building transformational leadership and excellence.

Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion

Sustainability is a culture to be nurtured and we always strive to offer such solutions to our clients which transmits value and make them self-sustained over a period of time. It is often complementary to Diversity & Inclusion as that brings varied perspectives, newer insights and equal opportunities for growth while facing the robust challenges of today’s complex business environment as characterized by VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain. Complex and Ambiguous).

the core strength

Meet the Principal Consultant

Gautam Mukhopadhyay

Chief executive Officer

Gautam Mukhopadhyay, is a Senior leader and Corporate Professional from Kolkata (the City of Joy) India, having > 28 years of experience in Sales & Marketing and in Supply Chain & Logistics. He has begun his career in Consumer durables with The Jay Engineering Works Limited but went on to a brick mortar industry like Cement and have worked in esteemed Companies like ACC LTD., LafargeHolcim and at JSW Cement Limited. During his career he has got the opportunity to work across regions in India and at abroad in countries like, Malaysia, Mexico, Switzerland, Algeria etc. in specific Logistics Excellence Projects. 

inner circle

Board of Advisory


What People Say

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